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Dental MirrorDental MirrorDental MirrorDental MirrorDental Mirror

By flowdzine

On 29, Jun 2013 | In | By flowdzine

Dental Mirror

A dental website project in collaboration with Hong Kong team required an aesthetic design and superb functionality using html/css and jquery.

Launch Project

Dr. William Cheung & Associates

An easy to browse website is one of the requirement for this corporate looking website with elderly people as the main audience. Large fonts for easy reading and simple and effective pages are our main objectives.


“A fullscreen html/css + jquery dental website looks different and not suitable at first, but it’s looking good now.” -Web Developer

Bangkok Web Design

With today’s need of a mobile website, Flowdzine team had built a simple and elegant mobile site for Dental Mirror. For full experince please open link provided on an iphone. Rotating the phone to either portrait or landscape works well because of the large canvas. The picture was still sharp and no extra loading time was spent. The jquery photoswipe plugin was used to have a horizontal swipe of text on a section of the site. Scrolling and swiping on the iphone beats clicking any day!!