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On 08, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By flowdzine

Lamothe Bergeron

Our client has a nice looking site build with flash + php for their cms. They wanted to rebuild the site with similar look and feel. Only this will be accessible for all platforms, browsers and devices. We decided to use xhtml/css , jquery and wordpress.

Launch Project

The Challenge.

With a fullscreen html/css layout, and has to be compatible in all browsers and devices, it’s close to impossible. Modern browsers handled it quite well, but for IE9, we had to make a few adjustments and modifications. It works on the ipad and smaller screen resolution with a bit of layout adjustment. Although everything looked too small for smartphones. So we decided to make a special mobile site.


“It is only logical to create a special site for smartphones and tablets, as jquery is very processor intensive” -Web Developer

Bangkok Web Design

We went back to the drawing board and designed a layout for Lamothe Bergeron, on a 480px x 640px canvas to start with. Since the main site is fullscreen, we decided to have the mobile on fullscreen as well. We kept everything on one page, so visitor will scroll down to navigate through the page, instead of clicking a button and to load another page. We figure scrolling pages is far more fun on the iphone.

Rotating the phone to either portrait or landscape works well because of the large canvas. The picture was still sharp and no extra loading time was spent. The jquery photoswipe plugin was used to have a horizontal swipe of text on a section of the site. Scrolling and swiping on the iphone beats clicking any day!!


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