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On 08, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By flowdzine


Lynn is a full screen flash website for all screen resolutions. It’s product page is an interactive 3d showcase with animation. Even with 3d animations this site loads fairly quick by preloading the product page in the background.

Launch Project

Fullscreen flash layout

The client had fallen in love with fullscreen layouts. A minimalist and clean layout is also what they had in mind. However, loading has to take minimum amount of time and animations has to be subtle and elegant.
Loading the product page separately had reduced the file size significantly, however, the product page had 3d elements which amounts to 6mb total.


“Greensock’s tweenmax will do the perfect job for having nice and subtle animations while speeding things up during the process” -Flash Designer

Our team decided to load the 6mb product page right after the whole site loads. So before visitors had clicked on ‘product’, the page had already started to preload in the background. This technique is useful when loading time is one of the important factor and a requirement from client. Another page that is separate is the ‘showcase’ page. This loads after a visitor click on the button, and the regular loading bar (the logo) appeared.

Another section of the site “Lynn Cabin” needs to be added on the main site. We’re still in the process of building it, but a preview can be seen from this link.

Lynn Cabin

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