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By flowdzine

On 09, Apr 2017 | In | By flowdzine


Maxxsteel is a steel company based in Australia, which requires a wordpress website to present their company information.

Launch Project


The maxxsteel wordpress website is a very simple and straight forward website that requires a simple layout to showcase their products. Responsive layout that adapts to all desktop, mobile and tablets. Integrated social media on the blog section of the site, client login area, site search, google map, etc. This project includes only includes the wordpress website, other design, branding and online marketing may be done by third party.

“Responsive wordpress website accessible by all devices, multi language, client login, etc.” -Web Developer

With today’s need of a mobile website, Flowdzine team had built a simple and elegant mobile site for Crowns3. For full experince please open link provided on an iphone. Rotating the phone to either portrait or landscape works well because of the large canvas. The picture was still sharp and no extra loading time was spent. The jquery photoswipe plugin was used to have a horizontal swipe of text on a section of the site. Scrolling and swiping on the iphone beats clicking any day!!